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Default Re: Barney Ross vs Floyd Mayweather/ Winner?

Originally Posted by Drew101 View Post
Why? Because it doesn't coincide with yours?
Yeah, it was a bit harsh. Sorry.

Originally Posted by Drew101 View Post
This comes down to style match-up.

Mayweather has a five inch edge in terms of reach, and that alone will limit the effectiveness of Ross' jab at least to some extent while giving PBF a better chance to land the right hand counter over it. Ross was a very very good boxer puncher, but in order to produce his greater workrate, he's sacrificing a bit of defense, and allowing Maywether still more chances to counter with clean shots. Shorter fighters like Canzoneri and McLarnin were able to have success doing so (Canzoneri arguably won both fights with Ross, McLarnin took one of the three), so a fighter who matches them in terms of pure speed would likely be able to do so as well.

Neither Mayweather or Ross was a devastating puncher and even if they were both of them are tough enough to ensure that this fight goes the distance. Ross will likely throw more punches and make good use of the jab, while Mayweather will certainly use and land the jab and counter with the right hand. Therefore, a fight like this comes down to what the judges like more, and when that happens there's often a split of opinion

Close fight in terms of talent, abilty, and I think on the scorecards imo.

And I fail to see what's strange about that.
You make some good points, although I don't agree with them. Neither McLarnin nor Canzoneri fought similar to Mayweather and they are both better than PBF in my opinion. In fact I think they both proved to be a class above him - yeah, I know strong claim but my opinion. The thing is Mayweather was so cautious and defensive at welter that I can't picture him beating any of the atgs there - and Ross is one, no doubt - and especially not one who matches and even surpasses him in terms of skill. Add to that his higher workrate and faster pace and I don't see Mayweather beating him. Yeah, Ross was "workman-like" where Floyd made it look easy and natural but nevertheless Ross was more refined in a traditional way.

I agree that it will go to the cards. And yeah Mayweather will land his jab and lead right but not often enough for this fight being close enough to win it.

I don't think this will be close on the scorecards and neither is it ion terms of talent or ability. Mayweather IS more talented than Ross. Ross, however, has clearly more ability. Mayweather does not embrace his talent, instead of going for greatness he settles with making money and keeping his "0" fighting mediocre to average opposition, with some good ones in-between. Ross on the other hand did more than he had talent for and made the best out of the abilities he developed in his career. Mayweather is an underachiever by his own choosing. Ross is an overachiever by his choosing.
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