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Default Re: Barney Ross vs Floyd Mayweather/ Winner?

Originally Posted by bodhi View Post
Yeah, it was a bit harsh. Sorry.

You make some good points, although I don't agree with them. Neither McLarnin nor Canzoneri fought similar to Mayweather and they are both better than PBF in my opinion. In fact I think they both proved to be a class above him - yeah, I know strong claim but my opinion. The thing is Mayweather was so cautious and defensive at welter that I can't picture him beating any of the atgs there - and Ross is one, no doubt - and especially not one who matches and even surpasses him in terms of skill. Add to that his higher workrate and faster pace and I don't see Mayweather beating him. Yeah, Ross was "workman-like" where Floyd made it look easy and natural but nevertheless Ross was more refined in a traditional way.

I agree that it will go to the cards. And yeah Mayweather will land his jab and lead right but not often enough for this fight being close enough to win it.

I don't think this will be close on the scorecards and neither is it ion terms of talent or ability. Mayweather IS more talented than Ross. Ross, however, has clearly more ability. Mayweather does not embrace his talent, instead of going for greatness he settles with making money and keeping his "0" fighting mediocre to average opposition, with some good ones in-between. Ross on the other hand did more than he had talent for and made the best out of the abilities he developed in his career. Mayweather is an underachiever by his own choosing. Ross is an overachiever by his choosing.
1. No worries. Just wanted you to see that my pick wasn't based upon a bias against older fighters, but rather by virtue of an examination of the styles.

2. Don't get me wrong, Ross is by far and away the more accomplished of the two fighters, and as a result rated a hell of a lot higher on my ATG list the last time I made one (and that's taking into account the fact that I don't hold Mayweather's failure to face the likes of Cotto and Margarito against him as much as others on the site).


In this case we're dealing with two fighters who came up from lower weights, neither of whom are exceptionally powerful punchers. Ross may well be in possession of a more fundamentally sound style, and would certainly be more active; but if Mayweather knows that he's not at risk of being hurt as he might be in other fights, and finds himself presented with a fighter who can come close to matching him in terms of speed, he'll be inclined to become more agressive and take a few more chances (the Judah fight was an indication of that).

I think Ross certainly could win this fight, or at the very least do enough to convince at least one of the three judges that he deserved to do so, and I don't see him getting whitewashed. But I don't see Mayweather getting schooled either, simply by virtue of the talent that he displays, and the fact that he would likely be too elusive to catch clean with more than one shot at a time.

In my opinion, this is the type of match-up where both fighters would impress in their own way, and I think it would come down to what the judges would like more.

Either way, I see your point now, and can understand where you're coming from even if I don't necessarily agree with it.
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