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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log

MONDAY morning

2 rounds shadowboxing to warm up then...
5 sec isometric punch against wall at starting point
5 sec isometric punch against wall at mid point
5 sec isometric punch against wall at 90% extension
10 miniball punches/throws with same punch
x5 for jab and cross

10x10 drill
:30 rest
10x10 drill
:30 rest
10x10 drill
1:00 rest
x 3
3 rounds shadowboxing to cool down

-Not a bad little workout those 10x10 drills, I think Im supposed to use more rest but this way its more like an actual hard round. Plus I was short on time.

MONDAY evening
10:00 jump rope
10 rounds shadowboxing
4 rounds heavybag
2 rounds footwork bag
2 rounds speed bag
2 rounds double end bag
3x10 depth jumps off the ring
3x5 per leg lunge jumps
3x10 clapping pushups with feet on the ring
3 rounds sparring
3x10 per side power overs
3x20 1 legged lateral jumps
2xfail plate pinches (2x10lb plates)
2xfail 1 handed monkey hangs
5x(1-2)(2-3)(3-4) 2lb weighted combo's
-I got together a few middleweights for sparring friday morning, this is going to be fun. I forgot abs but whatever, Ive done alot today.

1 bowl vector
1 fruit source bar
1 fruit bag (at AWG), 1 orange juice
2 ham sandwhiches (ham, onions, lettuce, honey mus****), 1 cup salad, 1 cup green tea
1 V8
1 protein shake (after boxing), 1 multi vite
1 small can flavored tuna, 2 cups(before cooking) pasta+sauce+lots of parmessan
2 cups warm skim milk (to help me fall asleep so I can get even more sleep)
--running total--
8 grains, 12 fruits and veggies, 2 meat, 4 dairy

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