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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log

TUESDAY morning

1.75 mile run
5 rounds shadowboxing in the pool (nobody else was there )
10:00 of swim intervals

-I took 10:03 to do my 1.75 mile run today so that week of rest really did me some good. The shadowboxing I did with my arms underwater and a few times each round Id take a deep breath, go underwater and throw 2 or 3 five punch combos (still exhaling a bit with each punch) I find that hooks get the most resistance. With the intervals Id swim the length of the pool (its a small hotel pool) twice with either the front stroke or the back stroke (Id alternate) then rest for :30 and keep going. Pool intervals are really effective, Im definately going to continue with these for a while (my quads will hate me for it though). Afterwards I stretched in the hot tub for 10:00. My (anterior) shoulders are a bit fatigued/sore from yesterday.

TUESDAY evening

5:00 jump rope
7 rounds shadowboxing
45:00 doing drills + getting lots of tips from the coach
2x8 1 db clean + press (55lbs)
2x10 walking lunges (130lbs)
2x5 assisted glute ham raises
2x5 1 db bench press (75lbs)
2x5 1 db rows (75lbs, far too light)
2x15 wrist extensions (20lbs, 15lbs)
2x15 wrist curls (25lbs, too light)
2x20 wrist rotations with sledge
2xfail plate pinches (2x10lb plates)
2xfail 1 handed monkey hangs
-ran out of time, I was going to do my neck too. I have to split up my work better and/or cut down.

2 eggs, 2 sausages, 4 bacon strips, 1 cup hashbrowns, 1 cup fruit, 1 cup tropicana orange juice, 1 cup coffee
2 cups 2% milk, 1 450ml dole orange juice (after morning workout)
2 chicken strips, 2 cups fries
1 fruit source bar
1 granola bar
1 protein shake, 1 multi vite, 2 fish oil (after boxing)
1 fruit source bar
12 perogies, 1 cup coffee, 2 silhouette yogurt singles
2 toast + jam, 1 cup skim milk
--running total--
4 meat, 13 fruits and veggies, 4 dairy, 4 grains

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