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Default Re: Post A Pick Of Yourself On Classic Forum

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea View Post
Me and some of my people getting nice and drunk and ready for a night on the town. I'm on the left, forgive the clueless look. I swear I'm not checking out my boy, before any of those comments start flying.
Originally Posted by noonan View Post
Was it a grease fancy dress party?

Sweet Pea at the club getting ready to approach a young lady.

Comb : 2 Dollars

The recent embroidered addition to his jacket and where his last paycheck went.

Letting people know who your are : 65 Dollars

Him and his gang of hooligans appropriating funds from a local nerd

Set of Dumbells to ensure lifting strength : 90 Dollars

Now that the cover charge has been paid, thanks to their earlier shenanigans and thuggery perpetrated against the unsuspecting nerd, the gang is waiting, praying, that **** pops off.........knowing that the dance moves that they've aquired after countless hours, weeks, months, years of relentless practice will win them any dance battle.............. and score them the gals.

Freshly shined shoes courtesy of Mr. "call da amba lamps" : 10 Dollars

Life is goooooooood. So long as your name is Sweet Pea and you're rockin' a leather jacket.

"Oh that Sweet Pea, he's soooo dreamy" the girls think, moistening at the meer mention of his name.

Binaca so your breath is fresh for the ladies : 2 Dollars.

The pay off:

36 pack of Condoms : 20 Dollars

Enjoying the sweet sensation that only conquering a dumb hooor can provide

Pack a Smokes : 5 Dollars

The look on his face and projectile vomiting that inevitably follow after the realization that his leather jacket, excessive drinking, and all around tomfoolery have once again been a catalyst for him ****ing some fat *****.............

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