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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log

THURSDAY morning
.5 mile on treadmill then...
2 lengths of pool (front stroke or back stroke)
:30 rest

4 lengths of pool (just kicking with legs, frog stroke, legs, frog stroke)
:30 rest
-The treadmill wouldnt go fast enough, it would top out at 10.2 miles an hour. It was fine tuesday but today it just didnt want to co-operate so after a half mile I gave up and just decided to swim for longer. I cant wait until the college gym is open again and I can run again. I'm really close to 1.75 miles in 9:00, I can probably do it right now but the stupid treadmill Im using now wont let me. I'll run intervals saturday at the track maybe...hmmm

THURSDAY evening
10:00 jump rope
10 rounds shadowboxing
4 rounds heavybag
2 rounds footwork bag
2 rounds double end bag
3x10 depth jumps
3x10 lunge jumps
3x20 one legged lateral jumps
-bent my wrist on the heavybag, its a bit sore but I should be good for tomorrow hopefully. Since I hurt my wrist I didnt do forearm, grip or my upperbody plyos...slack day.

1 slimfast bar, 1 bowl salad, 2 cups milk
1 chicken crave from pita pit, 1 coffee
1 V8
1 "ripped berry" booster juice (25g protein)
1 multi vite, 2 fish oil
1 fancy pasta dish (I cant remember the name but it had tomatos, angelhair pasta, prawns and other junk), 2 glasses water
1 granola bar
1 cup salad, 1 cup green tea
2 cups warm milk
--running total--
5-6 grains, 11 fruits and veggies, 4 dairy, 3 meat

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