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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log

MONDAY morning
3 rounds shadowboxing
iso-dynamic punches (jab & cross)x5
10 rounds sparring
-my arm has tonnes of scratch marks and bruising down it from coming over punches and countering with my left, Im starting to not like velcro on gloves for that reason. I was pretty much untouched during sparring but I really have to work on landing my right, I can land anything with my left all day long but my right is pretty much only for defense right now. Next time I'll do a few rounds with just my right and I'll work on it alot while shadowboxing. with the time change today I was tired even before I started sparring so Im going to do the conditioning tonight.

MONDAY evening
10:00 jump rope
10 rounds shadowboxing
4 rounds double end bag
conditioning routine
ab routine
3x10 depth jumps
3x10 lunge jumps
3x20 one legged lateral jumps
3x20 power overs
3x10 clapping pushups with feet elevated onto the ring

5 dumbbell snatches per arm (50lbs)
5 dumbbell swings per arm (50lbs)
10 burpees
x5 rounds (total time=8:53!! new personal best)

15 V-ups
15 Knee hugs
15 Chinnies per side
x4 (1:00 res)

1 slimfast bar, 1 bowl salad, 1 multi vite, 2 fish oil
1 XL double double (tim hortons, it was an early morning with the time change)
1 protein shake, 1 fruit&veg source bar
1 footlong sweet onion teriyaki chicken subway sub (loaded with veggies)
2 cups 1% chocolate milk
Blueberries & Raspberries, 1 cup tea
1 protein shake, 2 fish oil, 1 multi vite, 1 fruit&veg source bar (after boxing)
1 cup chocolate milk
Roast, string beans, jello, 1 cup green tea
--running total--
5 grains, 12 fruits and veg, 3 meat, 3 dairy

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