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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log

THURSDAY morning
1.75 mile run (5:00 cool down)
20:00 exercise bike (10:00 cool down)
-The 1.75 mile run took 9:37 with only one 10 second break. On the bike I stayed at 70-75% HRR. Im making great improvements with my conditioning overall, Im loving it. I think a large part of it is my diet and I noticed an improvement when I started taking 2 multi vitamins each day with the fish oil. Plus Im really pushing hard and people are starting to notice.

THURSDAY evening
5:00 jump rope (just didnt feel like doing 10:00)
10 rounds shadowboxing
4 rounds hand pads
5 rounds shadowboxing
?? rounds defense drills (I have no idea, maybe 5-8 rounds???)
3x10 depth jumps
3x5 per leg lunge jumps
3x20 power overs
3x10 clapping pushups with feet elevated on the ring
3x20 one legged lateral jumps over the "footwork square"
2xfail (2x10lb) plate pinch grip
2xfail fingertip pushup support (top position)
2xfail one hand monkey hangs from pullup bar
-I didnt do any bag work today to take it easy on my hand. That didnt work because I found either the cause (which I doubt it is because Ive done them before without any issues) or just a way to aggravate it, after the second set of power overs the ache in the bones of my hand came back. This is just weird. Anyways, next week I increase the sets on the grip training by 1 and same goes for the wrist extensions/curls. Im going to have to improvise if I want to do wrist rotations.

1 bowl vector, 1 large coffee
1 fruit&veg sorce bar, 1 pack of sesame seed snaps
1 multi vite, 2 fish oil (after morning workout)
2 ham sandwich's (same as before), 1 bowl salad
1 cup tea, 1 granny smith apple
1 protein shake, 2 fish oil, 1 multi vite, 1 fruit&veg source bar (after boxing)
2 big bowls of curry lentil stew (potatoes, carrots, celery, rice, lentils), 1 cup green tea
1 cup milk
---running total---
7 grains, 13 fruits & veg, 2 dairy, 1-2 meat

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