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Default Re: Bodybuilding workout for boxing

Originally Posted by Nwil
Ingar, did doing those plyometrics like long jumps, depth jumps, etc. have noticeable effects on your boxing game? Was it better than weights or different? Just wondering b/c I do some plyos but mainly squat thrusts, knee tucks, and claps.
Well, it's all part of a whole, eh? It doesn't have the exact same effect as anything in particular, but it is closer to weight training and sprinting than anything. It's mostly for improved neural firing speed and/or anaerobic endurance.
As far as my boxing goes, my main attributes was always in my speed and power (which is what plyometrics are for), so I guess you could say it helped since I was doing this type of training long before I started boxing.
Then again, my stamina isn't as good as one should've thought from all the training I do, I burn out quickly. But that's got more to do with my genetics again, as does my main strengths. Lots of fast-twitch (Type IIB) muscle fibers.
People with these types of genetics react better and faster to this type of training, and slow-twitch (Type I) types react better to endurance training. Rocky Marciano comes to mind as the slow-twitch example, Mike Tyson is whom I would regard as the most "fast-twitch" in the boxing world.

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