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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log

FRIDAY afternoon

10:00 warm up on elliptical then...
1 high pull
1 snatch
1 bent over row
1 deadlift
1 full clean and press (repeated 5 times to make 1 round)
x 4 rounds (with 1:00 rest and 2x35lb dumbells)
5:00 cool down on elliptical
-More failed conditioning, looked good on paper but my grip just didnt want to let me finish a full round without having to put down the dumbbell. Im going to stick with ross's stuff for conditioning and the ones Ive made, I think I can edit this one though so itd be a great conditioning routine. However this would be a good one to do after a weight workout for a few rounds. I'll add it in two weeks to my regime after lifting weights maybe.

FRIDAY evening
2x6 1 arm clean & press (60lbs)
2x5 per leg walking lunges (130lbs...need to add weight)
2x5 lying leg curls (170lbs)
2x5 1 arm bench press (70lbs...working on form)
2x5 1 arm rows (100lbs)
2x20 machine calf raises (200lbs)
3x15 barbell shrugs (205lbs)
2x5 french press (70lbs)
2x15 dumbbell wrist extensions (20lbs)
2x15 dumbbell wrist curls (35lbs)
3xuntil fail, plate pinch (10kg)
3x30 second fingertip pushup supports (top position...need to add time)
3x12 wrestlers bridges (Im adding 2 reps next week)

Ab routine:
15 v-ups
15 knee hugs
15 chinnies per side
x 4

2 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of toast with jam, 1 cup green tea
1 fruit&veg source bar
1 multi vite, 2 fish oil (after afternoon workout)
1 cup trail mix
1 pack of sesame seed snaps, 1 cup aloe vera juice
1 protein shake, 1 fish oil (Im running out and Im broke), 1 multi vite
antipasto + *******s
2 cups whole wheat pasta+lots of sauce(homemade)+parmessan, canned peaches (about 3 full peaches), 1 cup tea
1 cup milk
--running total--
2 meat, 7 grains, 10 fruits and veg, 1 dairy

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