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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log

MONDAY morning
3 rounds shadowboxing
iso-dynamic punches x5 (jab+cross) then...

10x10 drill
:15 rest
10x10 drill
:15 rest
10x10 drill
1:00 rest
x 3 rounds (after the coming rest week Im adding another round)
2 rounds shadowboxing

-When I did hand pads last week and today when I was just goofing around I keep jamming my thumb, I need to get gloves that protect my thumb better. When I move to calgary for the summer I think I'll pick some up there.

MONDAY evening
10:00 jump rope
10 rounds shadowboxing
1 round full sparring (although I didnt know it...see notes)
2 rounds mostly technical sparring
5 rounds shadowboxing
3x10 depth jumps
3x10 lunge jumps
3x20 one legged lateral jumps
1x20 power overs
3x10 clapping pushups with feet elevated on the ring
3xfail (2x10lb) plate pinches
3x20 wrist rotations
-Kind of a messed up night because I ended up talking alot at the gym because theres alot going on with raphael taking over the gym and junk. Concerning the sparring I was watching for a while and waiting for my turn to jump in the ring, I thought we where just doing technical sparring (very light punches, working on defense mostly) because thats what he was doing with everybody else (everybody else though was either a girl or new). So when I jumped in he opened up, hes a light puncher so I was confused if we where actually sparring lol he still might have been holding back some power though. It wasnt until the end of the round that I started to actually spar and then I mentioned I thought we were just technical sparring and he just wanted to do that (I wanted to spar regular but I wanted to know for sure that we where) after I mentioned that he just wanted to "technical spar", I was okay with that (technical sparring) seeing as how I wanted to work on landing my right and hes really good defensively so it was good practice. I wanted to go at least 1 more round actually sparring but by then he was tired so we called it off. FMI (for my information) dont do ****ing power overs anymore, whatever is wrong with my hand is agitated by the power overs.

1 bowl of shreddies, 1 fruit&veg source bar, 1 pack of sesame seed snaps
1 V8 (last one...
20 homemade perogies
1/4 pineapple
1 granny smith apple
1 slice cinnamon toast
1 protein shake, 1 multi vite, 1 fish oil, 1 fruit to go (after boxing)
1 can chunky soup
?? chicken nuggets (10+)
?? various alcohols
---running total---
4 grain, 2 dairy, 10 fruits and veg, 2 meat

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