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Default Re: Tua v Ahunanya... 2 weeks to go...

Originally Posted by Pusnuts View Post
Tua did look pretty average on the news sparring Garcia TBH, but its sparring and I dont think he was going all out, he looked a bit ploddy. Weight was ok from what I could see.

He older and inactive and needs that explosive leg speed that let him hook dudes from far away, its no good against the top guys plodding, eating jabs and hoping to be allowed right into their chest area.
If he cant surprise from range sometimes hes going to get beaten up by Klits

I know he has the reach of like a welterweight but he used to have that explosiveness in his legs so he could leap at folks, hope he still has that.

If he is old Im picking Friday by close decision, Friday is probably better than Cisse Salif who Tua only got a MD against
He does have Fhuge legs.....however explosive leg speed is another thing now he older
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