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Default Re: Brian Armatruda's Star of the Future

Originally Posted by zelky View Post
So apart from confirming for everyone how much of a ****en idiot the person who started this thread is by starting it, which most already effective was the thread?

Are the youth of Australia going to dump Matt as a role model?

****en goose...go and start a thread about your pro debut you weak ****.
Cheap **** coming from someone who says the September 11th attacks didnt even happen and you made a thread about it on ABF forums? atleast this is boxing related and some what in the same category as the fake delahoya fish net stockings only diff is these pics are not photoshoped.

Zelky we will catch up soon Mr big City Life! My brothers in Sydney Zelky he said he wants to come visit you. I told him you threatn to shoot me etc, he said he wants to show you how the military trained him to clean his assault rifle.
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