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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log

TUESDAY morning

-I trained in how to get off my ass when hung over. I went all out last night, I havent been out drinkiing much lately but Im still showing punks how to drink like a man lol. Im going to go drink lots of fluids and sleep it off and hopefully I'll be decent to spar tonight...(crossing fingers)

TUESDAY evening
10:00 jump rope
10 rounds shadowboxing
3 "rounds" sparring
-The rounds werent full rounds, the longest would have been 2:00-2:30. The rounds where full power sparring and the gym owner made us stop because I havent re-taken my physical for this year, ****ed me off. I was going to do more at the gym but I was just frustrated and dissapointed that we got stopped and I left. It was great sparring though, Im definitely going to spar that guy more.

3 scrambled eggs, pineapple slices, watermelon, cantaloupe, hashbrowns
2 cups chocolate milk
2 cups clamato garden ****tail
3 cups berry juice
1 fruit source bar
1 cup carrots with ranch
3 drumsticks, 1 cup corn
---running total---
14 fruits and veg, 6 meat, 2 dairy, 0 grains

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