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Default Re: Brian Armatruda's Star of the Future

Originally Posted by patrick View Post
Ty, you've got some serious problems pal!

You're talking guns, military, assault riles etc on a boxing forum for christs sake.

Guess you missed all the threats Zelky has made, otherwise you wouldnt be getting you back up at me taking the **** out of him for what he has wrote on this forum, heres a few for you..

Zelky wrote:


Last bloke I shot no one held the gun for me? And I did it by myself? No back up/no driver just me..are you referring to that incident?
Zelky wrote:

Ey Ty,

Best of luck with your fight in Thailand. Just a tip...a whole range of people you have lied about and put **** on have Thai friends that would do anything for them for a dollar or two.

When you are crossing the road in Thailand make sure to look left and right.

And also be very aware when you are out at night.
Zelky wrote:
You still going to Thailand bra? I'll be there when you are! We'll catch up for sure.
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