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Default Re: Brian Armatruda's Star of the Future

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
Guess you missed all the threats Zelky has made, otherwise you wouldnt be getting you back up at me taking the **** out of him for what he has wrote on this forum, heres a few for you..

You threatened me first after I quoted you saying "some people have no shame". Something about grabbing a hold of my neck next time you see me???

You need to go back and read everything again. I have not threatened you directly once. If you can show that I have threatened you directly then it is best you approach the police. In fact I implore you to contact the police if you feel so personally threatened.

I would never contact the police or get anything done to someone as pathetic and trivial as yourself. And I need no help in sorting out a weak piece of **** like you.

I cannot guarantee your safety, nor do I need to, after all the bull**** you have said and done to people we both know. I used to be able to hold them back when I was stupid enough to try to be your friend. I don't care what they do now. You had already burned many bridges before we skin of my nose. My life goes on the same as it was. You? No one ****en cares.

You can try to twist it whichever way you like. Do you know how many phone calls I've had in the last month with people saying to me "why is that guy such a ****en idiot?" I tell them "because he is a ****en spinner".

Now go off and have a sook and a cry at how much of a ****wit you are and the excellent job you've done of showing everyone, dig a ****en hole, jump in it and **** off and don't come back. Better still go to Thailand and fall into the propellers of a powerboat.

So to wrap up...the last thing you need to worry about is me. I told you recently the "world" is watching should have taken notice.

If you have anything else to say...I won't be reading it. My job is done.
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