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Default Re: Wlad KO Chambers RD 12

Originally Posted by roscoe View Post
Lewis is on a higher level due to what he achieved as undisputed champ & the calibre of fighters he beat to get there, plain & simple.
Fair enough, that's pretty hard to dispute.
And he was way past his prime when he fought Vitali & still look at the damage he did to his face. I would have loved it go another 6 rds & maybe we could of seen an eye hanging out of it ssocket held bit a piece of sinew.
I wouldn't, I had no problem with the stoppage.
I rate Vitali but no way in hell was he going to pull a rabbit out of his **** to win in that fight.
I'm not saying he would have, but it's certainly possible. Vitali didn't seem to troubled by the cut, and was still fighting at a similar pace to Lewis.

Look, I'm not for one minute saying the fight should have went on, or that it was the wrong decision.
I just can't see how Lewis could be labelled the better fighter based on that fight.
At no point did Lewis show that he was the superior fighter that night.

Anyway, I've said my bit, we'll agree to disagree.

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