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Default Kalgoorlie Road Trip - Day 1

Greetings fight fans, will do a quick update of how the trip has progressed so far.

The tone of the trip was set early, had to catch public transport to Bombers place and was waiting for a train in Perth when a young bloke comes over to me and the following conversation takes place.

"Excuse me mate"


"I need to send a text to work, do you know how to spell 'from work'?"

'I'm sorry?'

"Do you know how to spell 'from work'?"

'From work?'

"From work"

After helping him through his conundrum, made it to Bombers and left Perth around 10.30. No real good road stories to report, don't eat Chicken Treat from Merridin is about the only thing I learned.

Arriced just after 5 and after some hopeless directions found the hotel where the weigh in was being held. That was done and dusted by 6.30pm so it was off to dinner and what would prove to be a very long night.

Dinner at the Palace with Bomber, ****** Footit, Linc Hudson, Paco Gonzalez & his trainer. I think the $450 bill for six people was a bit excessive, as only Bomber & I were drinking. Anyways, long dinner spiced up by Linc trying to fire Bomber up about the food/cost/anything. Nearly worked too.

Just after nine all trainers and fighters left, so was left to myself and Bomber to hold high the flag for local boxing.

Now my memories are a bit scattered from this point, but took my video camera along and have discovered its invaluable for peicing together a night out. Had a beer at the Exchange, then onto Paddys Ale House, then to the Criterion. Stayed there for ages, back to the Exchange (where I got some great pics which I'll upload when I'm back), then to the Palace where they didn't just have skimpies, they had topless barmaids. Of course operating a camera in a place like that won't win you too many friends but as a bastion or morality I didn't film the girls which was lucky, as some door ***** confronted me outside and demanded I stop filming. Took great delight playing her back the footage and proving her wrong but she rudely stormed off as I modestly gloated over how right I'd been.

By this stage Bomber was convincing anyone that would listen we were making a documentary on Kal and I began to feel like the camera guy for 'Girls Gone Wild' as we were swamped by people wanting to be in 'the film'.

Apparantly we left around 2am, took a early morning swim in the promoters pool and then passed out on his floor. Woke up at 11am this morning with a splitting headache that luckily seems to be subsiding rapidly.

So today is the day for the fights, no drinkies till the after party where I'm told its an open tab.

I love Kalgoorlie.
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