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Default Re: Bodybuilding workout for boxing

Originally Posted by Ingar
I got fed up with the amateurs and the scoring system. It's just not my style, I hated getting in the ring feeling I need to fight both the system and the fighter on the other side.
That one gets the same score for *****ing someone with a jab and knocking someone on the canvas is just surreal to me.
I could go directly to the pros, but I lost my motivation for that too, the heavy weight classes look so boring.
I'm preparing for MMA for the moment, personally I think I would like it more. At least all the boxing training won't have been a waste.

Here's the old montage.
I do "crazier" **** now though, 3-clap pushups and such. These only show 2-claps.
You are right. I couldn't stay in a single discipline for too long when I realised that not only are you fighting the opponent, but you have some twit who's learned to play the system, and eventually you end up fighting *that* too. If you could do what you're really capable of, the guy would be dead. I think every discipline has 'holes', and if you are someone who thinks outside the box, you will feel ever more shafted.

I presume you made this decision based on the last match you had with that annoying Ref? I dont know who the judges are, but sometimes you get some incompetent ****head who doesnt know what he is doing, and he assesses things based on his own bad discretion or some illogical criteria... Whatever. I digress.
Anyway good luck with your 'career change', you're young and you can go straight back into all the kicking you already learned in JKD, plus now you can also Box. I look forward to seeing how far you will go. Keep us updated.
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