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Default Re: Friday is looking good in training.

He lost a TKO to Lance Whittacker several years ago, but what occurred was a freak injury.. Friday was causing nightmares for Lance and while Dan Goosen was doing an interview mid fight explaining how he cant understand what was wrong with Lance as it was all Ahunanya.. you can see Friday drop to a knee holding his face.. the replay showed Lance throw a lazy uppercut and jabbing the point of his thumb into his eye.. Friday couldn't see and the bout was halted.. In the dressing room what followed was very scarey.. Friday almost lost conciousness.. In fact the back of his eye swoll up so bad the pain shut friday down and he passed out..... It was ok after a check at the hospital, but the TKO should not reflect on the result.. in fact it was a great performance up to the uppercut.... The most bothered i ever saw Friday was against Liakhovich when again his eye was swelling and the very clever and mature started moving to Fridays blind side and using hooks that he could not see to outpoint Friday quite wide... But that was a hundred years ago.. Friday was very immature...

against Povetkin it should have been over 8.. But they changed the fight to six at last minute.. It was over before we even started to move through the gears... Povetkin had just won the Gold medal at the 2004 olympics and had been unbeaten for years.. It was just Alex moving cleverly and landing eye catching punches .. He is the most tricky .. Povetkin is very talented , and has deceptive power , but on occasion Friday hurt him enough to be thankful it was only over 6..

I never saw Friday hurt , I have seen him drop Ibragimov, knock Chagaev out of the ring in las vegas a few years ago... almost out on his feet... He knocked Mike Tyson over quite heavily in the gym before his preps for Ettiene... The only fault Friday used to have a long time ago was fail to let his hands go... and utilise on footwork... Lou Duva said to me years ago.. Friday is too flat footed , so i made a point of having him when i got the chance start side stepping his way in a z shape to keep opponents guessing from which angles he was coming from.. If you ever see his fight with Thomas top Dawg Williams, watch how he finishes him off.. From the back you would swear it was Mike Tyson..............
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