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Default Re: 'The NEXT and Billy 'The Kid' Dib!

Originally Posted by Sox View Post
Tend to strongly agree, well said mate.

Balmain - I'm not big on Dib either. Also don't like Mandy much at all. Not much into Hoppa, Green, and plenty others. It has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with how I percieve their personalities, of which is limited and twisted by the media anyhow.

It's a bit weak to throw the race thing up.

Geez Sox, that's a fair contradiction, when you state you agree with Stifler's Mum who openly call's Billy, a Leb, a Muslim and a tool?

Funny how people state "their not racist" or claim the "race card as being weak" yet their first words in an argument will be, "****ing lebo's or ****ing muslim's".

Funny, we don't hear people saying about Danny Green when they bag him "****ing white anglo-saxon or ****ing Catholic".

Billy Dib is a great young man, who by his own admission has let himself down with a few things in the past, but at 24 years of age, I defy the whole lot of you keyboard experts on here who hasn't and is focused on fulfiling his potential which I think we would all agree is above average compared to a lot of young fighters we have here in Autralia.

Fact - Billy is AUSTRALIAN, born and bred. He comes from a great family and epitomises the great multi-cultural society we live in. He had the chance to represent Lebanon (who were rolling out the red carpet for him!) at the Olympics after mising the Australian trials due to an accident but said no as Australia is his home.

He's focused in the gym, finished 2009 with some great fights. 2010 started fantastic with a 6th rd KO victory (brutal body shot) and has a tough fight coming up on April 8th on FoxSports and plans in place for some exciting bouts here in Sydney, mid-year.

He does do a lot of work charity wise and yes, like Ash said, was first over to a stricken Wilie Kickett, along with trainer Billy Hussein to make sure he was ok, a point of which I know Craig Christian, Willie's trainer respected big time. (as should a lot of people)

Love/Hate is boxing, but hate on him (if you must) for boxing, not the race or religion card which bear no relevance.

I placed the link on here as it's exciting to see opportunities for boxing and Billy being exposed to a wider audience through video clips with up and coming Australian music talent. 'Experts' on here whinge about the boxing industry not getting enough exposure, yet when good things like this are exposed, all you want to do is come out and bag.
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