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Default Re: 'The NEXT and Billy 'The Kid' Dib!

Going back to the original point - i think it's a great video clip. Good to see the old team back Contendo. Billy will always have his detractors (this thread highlights it). It was quickly downgraded into a few people with an opinion about Billy and his background. There are a number of things that Billy has acknowledged he has made mistakes with, but the reality is, he could do anything and certain forum members will always find a way to knock him down. You see, for all of the good stuff Billy might do, there are always those who practice that great Aussie sport of 'cutting tall poppies'. Contendo, as his manager, you know him best. let him know that there are people who recognise his talents and positive role modelling with a lot of the young guys he helps on the quiet. He should not be bothered by the small number of 'experts' on a forum who only see him as a stereotype and then say "I'm not racist". He will conrinue to rise, and I for one am looking forward to seeing more of him and wish him all of the best. If he does his best, no one has the right to ask for any more. Go Billy! - Bring it On
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