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Default Re: Quizzzzzzzzzzz time

Originally Posted by Raggamuffin
Who said; "i zee somzing" ??
What's amazing to me is how before he told Paul Gallico, he asked him, "You write nozzinck?," and Gallico promised, "Okay Max, I write nozzinck!," and kept his word to Max when Schmeling told him all about the susceptibility of Louis to his counter right that he'd identified. Can you imagine a member of the press maintaining a confidence like that today? (Aside from Woodward, Bernstein, and Bradlee keeping Mark Felt's identity as "Deep Throat," secret through all these years past the Watergate conspiracy.) Bless Paul Gallico (for that, and also for getting in the ring with Jack Dempsey, years before George Plimpton stepped in with Archie Moore, and otherwise plagarized Gallico's career in participative sports reporting).
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