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Default Re: Dirrel v Abraham

Originally Posted by lefty View Post
Yeah same head gear, same ring. The head gear is more to stop cuts than anything else, any serious gym you should wear head gear.

He was crying because he thought he got knocked out, with most knockouts you see them move before they are out, very few knockouts are just bang, straight unconscious. He wasn't out for long and it wasn't straight away but he was obviously out for a period of time and struggled to regain his senses. I've seen people act like little kids when they get knocked out and come to.

Think what you want, I think anyone who thinks Dirrell faked that and had reason to fake that are not that bright to be honest. I do apologise for the bluey remark though, that was uncalled for.

We agree to disagree.

Thank you for the apology , the rumors are not true.
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