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Default Re: Big Daddy's Boxing Log - The making of a legend.

Notes on the first workout:

By stepping off and bad footwork, I mean that I have developed a habit of having the heel of my back foot flat on the floor at times, and the coach was all over me to "toe the line". "If you are ready, you are on your toes. If you are tired, get out of the box (taped around the bag)."

So, I spent a lot of time paying attention to my footwork while circling the DEB, which I thought I was passable at. The bag only got me twice in about a three rounds and it was my first time at it. Of course I missed LOTS of jabs and right hands at the bag.. so maybe it was a wash.

An example of the exercises we were doing:

1. Working the cross: Step up two inches, back two inches, left two inches, right two inches by pushing with the opposite foot and sliding the other behind. ie: Stepping forward involves pushing from the ball of the right foot, sliding the front foot two inches forward while maintaining balance. Moving back is the opposite. When moving left, push with the right foot and slide the left. Basically, its the opposite of what most would consider "a natural movement".

2. Working on the bags I was doing 1+2, side step, 1, side step, 1. Of course I had to maintain the right heel up, and use the correct footwork as above.
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