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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log

MONDAY morning

MONDAY evening
shoulder pre-hab
5:00 jump rope
10 rounds shadowboxing
4 rounds heavybag (last round was all jabs)
4 rounds offense-defense
2 rounds double end bag
3 rounds speedbag
4x30 second punch out (3lb)
4x30 second uppercut drill (5lb)
3 (2x10lb) plate pinches per side
3 one handed hangs per side
3x30 second fingertip supports
-We have one of those newman punching power detectors at the gym now. We havent 100% figured it out though, when we do Im going to start Ross's punching with power program and see how good it really is.

3 scrambled eggs, 3 toast, 1 fruit source bar
1 yogurt, 1 apple sauce cup
1 apple, 2 sesame seed snap packs
1 protein shake, 1 multi vite, 1 fish oil
1 bowl "stuff", 2 cups V8
1 bowl shepherds pie, 1 cup green tea
---running total---
4 meat, 4 grains, 12 fruits and veg, 1 dairy

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