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Default Re: Tua v Friday....pick the winner!

Originally Posted by Bigcat View Post
Thankyou Diehard...

i found out from Cedric Kushner what the schedule was...

You are pretty much dead right........

God Bless.. I am getting so much ignorant abuse from random New Zealanders..

I am being called everything from a F******g hater.. to a moron or Asshole.. Some weird folks out there........ I just very loyal to my guy....
What not here at ESB I hope?
Forget it, those sort of sad sacks arent of any concern and dont represent the country generally, especially outside Auckland.

Though saying Tua hasnt bowled anyone over with a left hook since Ruiz is pretty hilarious from such a good poster
Maskaev, Rahman, Moorer, Izon, Oquendo is a good tally plus some guys like Obed Sullivan and Doc nicholson, I think Tua will land a lot of right hands in this fight personally but good luck to both guys, I would cheer for Ahunanya vs pretty much anyone else
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