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Default Re: Danny Green.... Open letter to RJJ

That letter is a load of **** and was no way written by Green, he cant even count to 10 the redneck! lol

Green dont get it, RJJ is a legend and Green wouldnt even come close to the stack of achivments RJJ has which is WTF yall must have forgot is all about. What a redneck fckwit. Cheated his azz to a World Title and is now fighting has beens who are not even the same weight. SIACA! WTF lol...

Green will RIDE anyones tail coat he can get his dirty hands on! cause he has nothing else. fckn nation cheering for him my azz! What did the nation do when he got wooped by Mundine? lol Brawls erupted nation wide, rednecks vs you guess the rest! .. GO BACK TO RETIRMENT GREEN YOU BUM!

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