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Default Re: Danny Green.... Open letter to RJJ

Originally Posted by lefty View Post
46 unanswered punches my ass, he was hitting gloves and trying to pull Roys head down, Green's lucky the ref stopped the fight then.

A test of a true champion is how he handles defeat? How did Green handle losing to Beyer, Mundine? He handled it like a punk, making excuses and blaming other people.

I wouldn't put it past Green using every dirty trick he could to win a fight, after reading his book I realised he was a classless lowlife on top of being a ****head, just a ****ing egocentrical neanderthal. It's a stereotype of boxers but he really is as dumb as a pile of bricks.
Im not a fan of his myself but he aint dumb as you think.The bloke has made 20plus million and still ticking from a career that on paper doesnt justify his earnings.

I think he is fighting Siaca to obviously get back at Mundine(which it doesnt as Siaca of 2010 sucks) but also as a keep busy fight whilst he waits for the Hop v RJJ farce to happen..
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