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Default Re: Tua Friday Round by Round.

Originally Posted by ashley View Post
Some fight thoughts...

1. Tua never let his hands go when he had Friday on the ropes.....never more than 4 to 6 punch combos
I suspect he was trying to preserve himself, or just doesn't have the killer instinct anymore.
2. Friday tried to stay out of trouble and never looked to go to war with Tua.
I think after a few of Tuas body shots connected, there was no way Friday was going to let his guard down for long.
3. Both guys looked like they wanted the 12 rounds
Not sure if they wanted to, but they I think they both realised they had little choice 1/2 way.
4. Tua could have gone another 6 or 7 rounds
It sure looked like it. The man has stamina for someone who's not all that lean.
5. Tua's head and body movement was outstanding....his evasion was the best in years
I thought so too, he is also bloody quick for a pretty solid stocky guy.
End of the day maybe a bit let down by the fight.....never saw the killer instinct in either guy.
I wasn't let down, I thought it was a good fight. Not packed full of excitement, though both played it very smart.

I reckon the killer instinct could come after a couple more fights from Tua.
He's been out of the game for some time, needed a decent test like this.
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