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Default Re: I am a fat piece of ****.


Weigh before workout - 103.5kgs

Well, it's been a while. ****'s been going a little bit bananas in life recently, and now the dust has settled, leaving me pretty much where I started. I hadn't been in the gym so far this year, so yesterday was a feeling-out process as much as anything...

* Speed rope - 3 x 3 minutes
Pace was good and brisk, but the lungs couldn't keep up with the body. Started a 4th munite but gassed pretty quickly.

* Heavy bag - 3 x 3 minutes
All things considered, output was pretty good on the heavy bag. Had some nice kinetic snap on my punches, but again, gassed quickly.

Well, it was a ****ty session, but it was a session none the less... I didn't put too much pressure on myself (Which has to change pretty quickly if I want any results...), it was more about guaging where I was at. I'll be looking to do my afforementioned bare minimum next time... Baby steps, futhamucker...
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