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Default Roy Jones explains the Green accusations clearly

Roy gave an interview to ESPN where he explained the accusation in detail. If you want to watch go to

For those who dont here is a bit of what he said:

"They let the guy wrap his hands with a cast and he hit me behind the head"

"If the ref would have left me alone I would have spanked him"

"We took the box away from over there. He wrapped his hands with gauze that came out of a box. It says clearly on the box that it has adhesive on it. The adhesives on a gauze is not allowed in any form of boxing. You cannot use gauze with adhesive on it. You wrap your hands two hours early with a gauze that has adhesive on it and you let it get a little bit wet and you got a cast basically"

"It aint no accusations its fact"

"We are pursuing it but you have to remember this didnt happen in this country. Its a little more difficult to pursue it because they dont want to make their country look bad"
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