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Default Re: Roy Jones explains the Green accusations clearly

Originally Posted by lefty View Post
I'm not exactly sure what tape was used, but if it's the one that you are talking about then yes it does have setting qualities, after it dries out it is noticeably harder than it was originally and then it deteriorates quickly as you say. If it said it had adhesive on it then.........??

Everything else he says I know for sure. I don't know if Green would've necessarily known what he was doing, he is dumb as **** but he is also a lowlife neanderthal so maybe he did know?

Everybody here knows deep down that Roy wasn't getting hit with anything after the illegal punch, I consider that fight a no contest.

Looking forward to Jones vs Hopkins!! What's Danny Green up to?
The clowns are implying that Greens BANDAGES were infact the tape used to cover the bandages. Yes, there is adhesives on the tape.. thats why its called TAPE. No, it has no SETTING qualities, it simply dries into normal material when the moisture is taken out of it.

At what point of a projected 12 round bout would the tape lose its moisture??? The tape would be a sopping wet mess after the walk to the ring.... never mind the next 12 rounds. If you're concerned about the 'setting' qualities, take some from the ground at the local footy... keep it active until it dries... No Setting Qualities.
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