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Default Re: Tua v Friday....pick the winner!

This from Tapia in the NZ paper this morning:

But the outspoken Tapia rubbished that. "The way David Tua is looking, he will never be a world champion."This is not a dancing contest," he said in reference to Tua's bobbing and weaving in the ring. "We will have a shot at the title before David Tua."

I think part of the problem is Tapia. He's deluding himself, and Friday also, for thinking they won that fight. Tua easily backed him into the corner, and landed twice the amount of punches while Friday continually covered up. Most of Tua's punches were blocked, some got thru. Friday's best moments were when he opened up while in the corner. Between moving laterally and covering up, he was just too defensive minded. If he had made Tua pay as he was coming forward, as Rahman and LL did, he'd of been much more active, and conceivable won the fight.

Hate to say it, but Friday, at 39, stays a sparring partner. Even during the fight, he seemed like that. David smiling, Friday show-boating, both touching gloves often after a round. Tua practicing his punches while Friday covered up. Garcia, Tua's sparring partner, did much the same as Tua teed off on him.

Really sad, a real talent gone bad. I once worked with a gifted musician who was upset that he was only a music teacher despite having heaps of talent. He would sabotage himself by getting high and not showing up for auditions. Friday seems the same way in the ring.
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