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Default Re: Hopkins v Jones 2....anyone care

Originally Posted by BoppaZoo View Post
Neither can i.

Its like ok B-Hop your number 4 P4P yet instead of face Dawson or even the man that whooped Jones Jr in 1 ****ing round you will spin your shit so you take your stupid ass fans money and dont even give two shit about doing it.

Its what is wrong with the sport.

If they wanted it to mean anything 8 or 9 years ago when you were both still Prime would mean something to the real fans that know boxing.

Isnt it ****ing just stupid ASH.

Thats it there Dicks mostly American Dicks so i say WTF go for it, they wonder why we call them stupid.

Mate I was one of the stupid dicks

And I will still watch if I can find a way of ditching the easter eggs family thing and sitting down in front of the TV watching boxing
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