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Default Re: Hopkins v Jones 2....anyone care

Originally Posted by BoppaZoo View Post
Neither can i.

Its like ok B-Hop your number 4 P4P yet instead of face Dawson or even the man that whooped Jones Jr in 1 ****ing round you will spin your **** so you take your stupid ass fans money and dont even give two **** about doing it.

Its what is wrong with the sport.

If they wanted it to mean anything 8 or 9 years ago when you were both still Prime would mean something to the real fans that know boxing.

Isnt it ****ing just stupid ASH.

Thats it there ****s mostly American ****s so i say WTF go for it, they wonder why we call them stupid.

Mate I was one of the stupid ****s

And I will still watch if I can find a way of ditching the easter eggs family thing and sitting down in front of the TV watching boxing
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