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Default Re: ....and new WBA champion of the World.....

Originally Posted by Sydney Smutt View Post
****ing hardly! My point is he deserves credit if he fights one of the blokes that Ash mentioned. One point is I don't think he beats any of those Ash mentioned - nope, not even Macklin who I also think will beat Geale who I believe would beat Choc now if they fought again. I also wouldn't be regarding the winner as the WBA world champion; he would be the WBA number one challenger with a belt: a situation which seems to suit Choc as anyone Khoder decides to fight suddenly appears in the top 15 if indeed Anthony wins. But he will get mine, and he should get everybody's respect for fighting anyone of those guys, maybe Flash coming into Team Mundine was a fantastic thing on a couple of fronts...)
Can't see him not beating them to be honest, have you seen macklin fight? At best he would have a punchers chance, he just plows forward but I agree he beats geale.
You will be regarding him as the WBA champ because he will be that's how the WBA work, just because you personally have some sort of vendetta against the champ means nothing. Perhaps more green - siaca fights should be sanctioned like other orgs.
"Flash" has already stated he has nothing to do with fights getting made, the best thing is that one of choc's trainers is accessible to his fans.

Way to not care what I think though...happy hating
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