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Default Re: ....and new WBA champion of the World.....

I fully agree that it is a good thing that Flash comes in here. I have always enjoyed what he has had to say, excuse me if I take some of it with a grain of salt. It is not because of any "hate" towards Choc that I will not consider him WBA champion. IT IS BECAUSE THE WBA ALREADY HAVE A WORLD CHAMPION. The same goes for any of the other bullshit champs that the WBA have just to make more money. At this stage of his career Macklin will give him fits exactly because of his style, I give Choc great credit for taking one of these fights, if it comes off and I hope that others give him credit for taking on such a challenge as well.
Is Green V Siaca the greatest possible fight out there? No, but it is better than the likes of Nievas, Clavero, Hamdan and Soliman for the third fight after doing nothing to earn a rematch. So be careful of throwing stones around that glass house, even if you do throw like a girl....
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