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Default Re: ....and new WBA champion of the World.....

I fully agree that it is a good thing that Flash comes in here. I have always enjoyed what he has had to say, excuse me if I take some of it with a grain of salt. It is not because of any "hate" towards Choc that I will not consider him WBA champion. IT IS BECAUSE THE WBA ALREADY HAVE A WORLD CHAMPION. The same goes for any of the other bull**** champs that the WBA have just to make more money. At this stage of his career Macklin will give him fits exactly because of his style, I give Choc great credit for taking one of these fights, if it comes off and I hope that others give him credit for taking on such a challenge as well.
Is Green V Siaca the greatest possible fight out there? No, but it is better than the likes of Nievas, Clavero, Hamdan and Soliman for the third fight after doing nothing to earn a rematch. So be careful of throwing stones around that glass house, even if you do throw like a girl....
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