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Default Re: Confess your PPV sins here...

Originally Posted by ipswich express View Post
Let us come together as a congregation and confess our Pay Per View sins over the past few years. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone! Those who purchased today's PPV disgrace, hang your heads in shame. You were given prior warning and have still refused to listen to common sense! However, you are not alone. I would like to confess purchasing the following sins, off the top of my head...

Tyson NC1 Orlin Norris. 1999.

First full time job and definitely had more money than sense. Saved somewhat by the **** whipping Chico Corrales put on Roberto Garcia on the under card.

Tyson NC3 Golota 2000.

It looks like I just couldn't get enough "No Contest" action around this point in time. I knew something ****ing stupid would happen in this fight, and it did when Golota just walked out of the ring at the end of the 3rd. Later changed to a NC due to Tyson testing positive to dope. Under card was horse ****. Judah beat someone...

Lennox Lewis KO2 Michael Grant. 2000

I fell for the hype on this one. Grant was completely unproven at this level, although many scribes were calling him the next champion. Lewis dismantled him from the get go. Paul Ingle beat Junior Jones in a good fight. Top little stoush on the under card that wasn't shown was Scott Harrison beating Tracey Patterson.

Mundine v Zohs. 2000.

Right this is getting bad... real bad. Clearly earning a little bit of coin had gone to my head, spending $29.95 (early bird booking - remember those? Just another way Main Event have ****ed us recently, taking them away) on this steaming pile of horse ****.

Again it was the hype. Can he fight? Turns out he can, but the card doesn't look PPV. It didn't then, it doesn't now.

Mundine v Taumafai 2000.

Surely he won't be Taumafai I thought. He was a good boxer a few years back. Turns out he did. It also turns out that Haumono's people needed to start looking a bit further than the local Ippy Rugby League comp for opponents after Paul Srama (who everyone said can't fight on the field, let alone the ring) almost got decapitated.

Mundine-Taylor,Pavlik-Espino in my defence it was league off-season,Green-Murdoch but they replayed a Hatton fight i hadnt seen so not too bad.
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