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Default Re: ....and new WBA champion of the World.....

Originally Posted by 20a87 View Post
He is boxing in Australia.

He looked great against medley, macklin just went the distance with pintos so i don't see what you see there. Macklin is even less refined than green. The man's legacy will read 4 time 2 weight champ after he wins his next belt and the next generation of sad sack bert sugars will have to eat it because the record books will show Anthony "the man" Mundine's name up there next to kostya, fenech etc
Geale vs Mundine was indeed a great fight and shows he can fight as well as box. I only denied it last time so you would quote me

I rarely see a news article in which he isn't doing something for the aboriginal youth. Just because he rejected green's "trust fund" he does nothing

If the IBO hadn't ****ed him about he would be riding high on the crest of the pioneer wave, as it turns out he will now add a more prestige belt to appease his hunger for boxing glory. Another domino will fall
****ed him about? You mean not giving them the judges they wanted, and basically refusing to bend to Khoder as he was used to? Best thing they ever did. There is no prestige in the WBA anymore, their 3 champs at one weight has taken care of that, all they have is longevity - nothing more nothing less. Remember that bit during the Geale fight when Khoder states "We haven't got the judges this time"? where is the prestige there? I do find it funny when talking about the WBA's regular title you could not even get 'prestigious' right quite a fruedian slip wouldn't you say?
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