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Default Re: ....and new WBA champion of the World.....

Originally Posted by flamengo View Post
****ing ****head. Listen ****, the IBO did not **** Team Mundine around. Khoder the egotsitical ***** that he is, assumed he was above the IBO.. The clown learned the hard way, by giving away the only LEGITIMATE title Mundine has won.
He's walked into a better title shot so nothing lost really, also I believe he would have made weight.

Don't start up being a clown again, you have been quiet at least towards me for a good few weeks thankfully I have not had to cringe in that time period. Go back to studying boxers who you can only read about

Originally Posted by Sydney Smutt View Post
****ed him about? You mean not giving them the judges they wanted, and basically refusing to bend to Khoder as he was used to? Best thing they ever did. There is no prestige in the WBA anymore, their 3 champs at one weight has taken care of that, all they have is longevity - nothing more nothing less. Remember that bit during the Geale fight when Khoder states "We haven't got the judges this time"? where is the prestige there? I do find it funny when talking about the WBA's regular title you could not even get 'prestigious' right quite a fruedian slip wouldn't you say?
Sort your own spelling first, glass houses and all of that and I'm not sure you understand the concept of a freudian slip. Best thing they ever did? Not when Siaca vs Green is the IBO's next showcase in Australia. I thought Khoder's comment to be disgusting but I think people just took it out of context and I'm at peace with it now. Offer a fighter the WBA, IBO, WBO or IBF and I bet they would take the WBA.

Originally Posted by Sydney Smutt View Post
Good on ya by the way to be up at 25 to 3 in the morning dicussing Mundine! LMAO
In the spirit of Easter a few extra hours of educating some of my misguided antipodean cousins is merely my gift to you and you are more than welcome.
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