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Default Nievas got a lousy $40 Grand......

for being a punching bag..........

Nievas earns respect

Article from:</IMG>
By Grantlee Kieze
June 29, 2007 12:00am

PABLO Zamora Nievas came to Australia as a comedy act but is going home with the award for best performance in an action drama.
His courage under fire against Anthony Mundine at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on Wednesday night was the kind of whole-souled, huge-hearted, guts-and-glory effort that elevates boxing from a crude spectacle into what George Foreman once described as the heavyweight champion of all sports.
In no other arena is an athlete's courage, fitness and pride tested as much as in the theatre of combat that is professional boxing.
Nievas finished Wednesday's WBA super-middleweight title fight with his face literally rearranged, his prominent proboscis bloated and listing to the right courtesy of Mundine's left hand that snaked into him with all the force and rapidity of a machinegun barrage.
The Argentine was given no chance and could probably have sold advertising on the soles of his shoes, given that he was expected to finish flat on his back.
He had never gone beyond six rounds in a thoroughly unspectacular career and had been held to a draw by a bloke Mundine had knocked out.
Nievas finished Wednesday's fight on the wrong side of a lopsided 12-round decision and was a sorry sight in his corner, weeping after the hiding he had endured.
But rolling down his puffy face were tears of joy.
He had defied the critics who had labelled him a patsy and, more importantly, he had stood up to the furious assaults of a boxer coming off emphatic victories over Danny Green and Sam Soliman.
"He's one of the toughest opponents I've faced in my career," Mundine said."He just kept coming back."
Like him or loathe him, the former rugby league flyer is greased lightning in the boxing ring and proving himself to be one of the best boxers in the world at his weight.
Nievas had never fought anyone remotely in Mundine's class and was thrown into the WBA world ratings to give The Man a cheap opponent for a cut-price promotion where there would be minimal risk.
Nievas was offered $40,000 and a couple of economy airfares. If he didn't like the deal, there were dozens of other hungry nobodies who would fight for less.
But after an undercard that saw five of Mundine's mates score quick KOs, Nievas scored a personal victory by going the distance.
Mundine made the fight a game of cat and mouse.
It was cruel for the outclassed challenger and for the spectators wincing every time Mundine's left hand smacked Nievas in the face.
But decked early, the Argentine fought back hard, gritting his teeth, snarling like an animal and taking it up to Mundine as best he could, throwing looping, lunging punches and occasionally landing one.
Nievas wasn't going to win but by every fibre in his aching body he was going to be there at the finish.

He got that right...... "There were dozens of other hungry nobodies who would fight for less."

People are starting to wake up. Every time an article like this is published ........everytime it's spoken about on radio.......The PPV sales go down.......and Mundine will be forced into fighting legitimate opponents.

Not one single pub in our area showed the fight........and from what I have heard.......only one Club.

We know that tickets to the fight were being given away en masse.

There has been noticeably less interest since the Green fight.

Mundine better up the ante real soon, or nobody will give a ****.

You can fool some of the people some of the time.......but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.......except for TCW.....EelsRule..... etc

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