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Default Re: Hopkins v Jones 2....anyone care

Originally Posted by COULDHAVEBEEN View Post
Good summary Rodin and I'll add just one thing:

When the ref called a halt, Roy didn't argue the decision at all. If anything, on the night, he was gracious in defeat.

(Sadly though, the next morning Roy just couldn't live with the loss, and unfortunately he chose to sook about it for months & months. Still, it got him his Hopkins rematch, and let's hope Roy got the career ending message from the result.)

Yes. Point taken.

On the objectivity thing.
After Choc fought Geale, there was the usual debate a close fight engenders.
I got an email from a solid boxing person asking me how I scored the fight.

He told me that he thought Choc would do it pretty easy but in the aftermath, he was concerned that his judgement was contaminated by his expectations & would I watch it again & score it.
I did & told him that I thought Choc won the fight 114-113.
He was happy with that, It was the way he scored it, but he just wanted his objectivity checked.
That's not a bad exercise for someone that influences proceedings.
I always respect others judgements on fights, but some,,,well,, I just can't help myself. It's a human trait thing.
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