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Talking Just started - Feeling goog

So I just started boxing and have loved every moment of it in the 2 lessons I have had. They have been difficult but I think boxing is the sport for me and my trainer seems to know what he is doing. I really like that boxing isn't a team sport and that when I get into the ring in a few months it will just be me and the other guy. So far I have worked on stance, footwork, abdomen (crazy amount), the speed bag (to horrible results, but i can only get better), and simple combinations on the mitts (the 1-2 and 1-2-3-4). I feel like superman after a workout and always have an adreneline rush for hours after my lesson. The only thing I'm concerned with is my wrist they have hurt after working out (is this normal?) but other than that boxing is GREAT. Anybody else feel like superman or invincible after boxing lessons.
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