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Default Re: Cleveland Williams vs. Turkey Thompson

His biggest wins, it seems, are over an old Arturo Godoy, and a KO over Elmer Ray, who wasn't known for the greatest chin. He drew with Abe Simon, who was one of Joe Louis' "bum of the month" opponents.
Let's not forget he also beat Gus Dorazio and Lee Q. Murray. The "bum of the month" title is misleading- Simon was a solid contender.

All in all not a record which seems to indicate that he would at all be competitive with "The Big Cat," who faced some of the best in the late 50s and early 60s, and did beat a few of them.
Really- what "few" are you talking about? Because the only top 10 fighter Williams ever beat was Terrell(who he lost to in the rematch).

Williams is horribly overrated, in my opinion. The absolute peak accomplishments of his career are going 1-1 with Terrell and drawing with Machen. He lost every other time he ever fought a serious contender. He's an individual who, in his historical standing, is much, much longer on hype than on substance. I suppose I would lean towards him to outpoint Thompson, but it could easily go either way.
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