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Default Re: Rocky Marciano Last Interview "How I Would Beat Ali"

Originally Posted by Rodin View Post
I think the major deciding factor in this is Ali's capacity to score repeatedly & knock fighters out on the back foot.

Come forward fighter like Rocky would not have a plan to beat Ali (Apart from coming foreward), but Ali would have several to beat Rocky.

I know he could punch, but if Ali could take everything that Foreman dished up in Zaire, I couldn't see the Rock doing any better.

One of the big things at the time of the Frazier loss was the punch count.
It was something 500+ to Joe's 300+.
Bill Recht's score card of 11-4 for Frazier stunk in the eyes of the many fans, journo's & regulars etc.

God bless The Rock.
Sharing your view & reasoning here Rodin.

There are versions of Marciano that might have beaten versions of Ali IMO.

But peak Ali vs peak anyone, including Marciano, and my money's on Ali.
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