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Default Re: Why was Hearns so inconsistent after the Hagler fight

If you ask me I think he just took some guys more lightly than he did others and so didn't train as hard for them as he should have. A good example is the difference between Hearns in the Shuler fight compared to the Barkley I fight. Against Shuler he was up on his toes, his balance was fantastic and he was sharp as a tack. Compare that to when he fought Barkley where he is basically plodding forward, doesn't seem to have much bounce in his legs and is sloppy by his own very high standards. Hence he got knocked out in round 3.

I think you can see that when Tommy took a fighter seriously, like Hill, Shuler, Duran etc he was a different fighter compared to when he didn't, like Kinchen, Medal, Roldan etc. His jumping around in weight didn't help matters either and Manny Steward said that was directly responsible for shortening his prime.
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