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Default Does Mundine have a mental problem.....

with hard punching boxers?

Since Echols, Mundine has fought 13 times inclusive.

He has fought 5 opponents who could be considered KO artists. (not counting Snakeboy coz he is older than me and Mundine struggled to keep the guy upright for 6 rounds....... I think the ****er actually fell asleep on his stool, between rounds 4 and 5)

5 from 13 Fights have gone the distance.

Those 5 fights featured the 5 KO artists.

Every fight with a hard puncher has gone the distance.

It suggests to me that Mundine has a concern against punchers with real power and fights on the backfoot making it difficult to use his own power.

It suggests to me that your Kessler...... Calzaghe......Boxers will know that they will be unlucky to be KO'd by Mundine, giving them even more confidence.

It must present a problem for Mundine as most of the top rated WBA fighters (Lacy, Bute, Andrade, Inkin and Tsypko) can thump a bit, and they too could be reasonably confident that Mundine won't KO them. Surely, that knowledge, would have give a boxer greater confidence and maybe even an edge.

I will be interested to hear what those with intimately more knowledge than me about boxing skills have to say....... (That is a polite way of saying to EelsRule........ STAY THE **** OUT OF MY THREAD COZ WHEN IT COMES TO BOXING KNOWLEDGE, YOU ARE A COMPLETE ****ING RE****)

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