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Default The official K1 & general kickboxing thread

I know, as a singular discipline it doesn't quite fit into the MMA forum, but it would be outright rejected in the General Boxing Forum, and would not get any traction in the Lounge.

It's safe to say the majority of us that post in here have at least a passing interest in K1, if not kickboxing in general.

The last world max in Yokohama was a pretty good show overall. I watched it piecemeal after recording it, and the only real drag was Hari vs. Ignashov. Wretched fight, an example of what happens when two people commit to a cautious countering style. Hari is going to start generating Anderson Silva-like heel heat with too much more of this ****. Exactly the kind of match that stands in opposition to the spirit of this particular sport. Chess matches playing out over a dozen rounds in boxing are one thing, but in K-1 there's an expectation of short and sweet.

Most of the rest of the card delivered there, thankfully (even those that went the distance). A few mismatches - notably, Saki was way too skilled and sharp for Jaideep; Schilt way too big and aggressive for Zimmerman, and LeBanner too big, sharp, aggressive and skilled for Spong.

As for Overeem - well, an Overeem fight is an Overeem fight.

Lascenko looked okay but Sato looked pretty unexceptional, so it's nothing to get too excited about.

Kyotaro may have been the most impressive performer on the card. Yes, Aerts is knocking on Forty's door, but he's still in shape and just beat Saki a few months ago. Kyotaro fought very intelligently and destroyed him.

Obviously the card would have been improved tenfold by the mere presence of Giorgio Petrosyan. Even if it was just him kicking a can around the ring. I don't mean a "tomato can" (bad fighter) - an actual can. I'd tune in to watch the guy eat cornflakes (as long as he was shadowkickboxing between bites).

The upcoming 16-man tournament looks promising, even if a final four of Buakaw, Souwer, Dida, and Petrosyan is pretty much a foregone conclusion.
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