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Default Re: Cleveland Williams vs. Turkey Thompson

I have all of Turkey Thompson's fights on DVD and I have about 45 Cleveland Williams fights on DVD.

For about the past 15 years now I have studied and ****ysed these two's styles, strengths and weakness and pondered this very match up almost on a weekly basis.

It's a close call and after spending a year or two researching all their opponents and interviewing sparring partners and cross-checking the findings with the slow-motion viewing of their fights and calculating the average slip and duck rates, and punch stats combined with scientically estimated PSI readings for their punch impact I have come to the conclusion that theses two would fight a draw or disputed decision over 10 with 8 ounce gloves under 1950 NYSAC rules.

Of course, the only other possible results are a KO 2 for Cleveland Williams with Thompson being counted out with 26 seconds remaining in the round or a TKO9 win for Turkey Thompson, with Williams being stopped due to gruesome cuts and swellings on left cheek and above left eye.
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