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Default Re: Best ring entrances

Originally Posted by Sydney Smutt View Post
Felt like something a bit different. Prob been done before but suck my ***** if you don't like it....

Personal faves are
1) Nigel Benn with the chimes of Big Ben
2) Ricky Hatton with the Winston Churchill speach and sirens with honourable mention to the Fat Suit and "Hi Ho Ricky Fatton"
3) Prime Mike Tyson - No robe, socks or music; just old school off to the ring and fight - love it!

Anbody else with favs? A warning to anyone wishing to post any such ****e as wannabe homeboy's rapping their way to the ring. I know where you live Ashley and if you dare tarnish this, I will set fire to you and listen to you scream
I thought Tyson used to come out to Public Enemy's aptly titled "Welcome to the Terrordome"
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